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May 10, 2021  

Auditor: Dayton Public Schools missing more than $16K from Welcome Stadium events COLUMBUS, Ohio (WDTN) – The Ohio Auditor’s Office said Thursday an audit of Welcome Stadium receipts showed more than $16,000 is missing from events held at the Dayton Public Schools venue. Auditor of State Keith Faber’s Office released the 2020 financial audit of the DPS district. The audit included a $16,657 finding for recovery against the former Welcome Stadium secretary and ticket manager. “Unfortunately, we uncover theft in athletic ticket sales far too often,” said Auditor Faber. “It is imperative that our schools have strong checks and balances in place to avoid these abuses and thefts including two-person verification for cash receipts. This finding makes it clear that responsible employees will be held accountable for safeguarding student and district funds.” Del Rio to be honored at memorial ceremony Welcome Stadium, owned by DPS, hosts various athletic events. According to the Auditor’s Office, during fiscal years 2015 and 2016, six events held at the Stadium did not have corresponding deposits in the School District’s bank account. Supporting documentation maintained for these six events included a Roll Ticket report, Summary of Deposit report and copy of a deposit slip. These documents reflected receipts collected totaling $16,247. In addition, there was one event where only a portion of the receipts collected were deposited for an unaccounted for amount of $410. Dayton man pleads guilty to armed bank robbery in federal court The Auditor’s Office said Julie Vestal was employed by DPS as a secretary at Welcome Stadium and served as ticket manager for events held during the period of review from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2016. At the end of an event, Vestal would reconcile all cash receipts collected to the Roll Ticket Reports, create a Summary of Deposit report, and prepare a bank deposit slip. The reports, cash and copy of the deposit slip prepared by Vestal were then placed in a School District money bag and secured with a zip tie. The bag was then placed in an unlocked filing cabinet drawer in the Welcome Stadium office, along with copies of the supporting reports, before being posted to the accounting system and delivered to the bank. A finding for recovery for public money collected but unaccounted for was issued against Julie Vestal in the amount of $16,657 in favor of the School District’s Welcome Stadium fund. Former School District Athletic Director, Jonas Smith, was responsible for the oversight of all cash collections at the Stadium during the period and will be jointly liable for the missing funds. The incident was investigated by the Auditor’s Special Investigations Unit through a special audit. Special audits are generally initiated to investigate allegations of fraud, theft, or misappropriation of public funds, or to quantify the extent of such alleged fraud, theft, or misappropriation of public funds. The Welcome Stadium issue was classified as a special audit by the Auditor of State’s office to be conducted as an expansion of the financial audit, rather than a special audit report based on the AOS assessment of the allegation. Copyright 2021 Nexstar Media Inc.

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In New York City, for instance, officials have estimated that employment in the arts, entertainment and recreation sector fell by 66 percent from December 2019 to December 2020. But there are signs of a rebound. By the end of last year, television shoot days in Los Angeles had recovered to roughly 62 percent of what they had been in 2019, according to FilmLA , the official film office for the city and county of Los Angeles. After taking a hiatus during the winter as an outbreak hobbled California , TV production in the city is approaching normal, prepandemic levels , FilmLA reported last week , even as other sectors of the entertainment industry lag behind. In New York, officials said that about 40 television shows were either in production or about to begin shooting again — similar to where things stood before the March 2020 shutdown. And in Georgia, which has become the nation’s third largest production hub , officials have said that the industry appears to be bouncing back from a pandemic decline that saw spending on film and television projects in the state drop from roughly $2.9 billion in the 2019 fiscal year to $2.2 billion in the 2020 fiscal year. Still, production in the pandemic has come with higher costs. Television producers said that they have had to test several times each week, hire orange-vested “Covid officers” and bring on extra cleaning companies — all of which have ballooned budgets by as much as 15 percent. Eric Tomosunas, the head of Swirl Film, based in Atlanta, estimated that his company has administered close to 20,000 PCR tests since July. Even with the safety protocols, there have been outbreaks at properties owned by CBS, NBC, Paramount, Warner Bros., Netflix and various other companies. (Los Angeles County defines an outbreak at a nonresidential setting as three or more laboratory-confirmed cases; the biggest outbreak it reported at a studio involved 26 cases on a Lionsgate production that was being shot at CBS Studio Center last December.) But spokespeople for many of the networks and production companies say that they have taken extraordinary steps to keep their workers safe. Data from the read more Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers obtained by The New York Times showed that from September 2020 to the end of February, studios identified 1,884 cases after conducting more than 930,000 tests. There have not been any coronavirus outbreaks at a set or studio in Los Angeles County since February, a spokeswoman for the Department of Public Health said. “American Idol” adapted to the current socially-distant era by introducing an enormous screen where contestants can interact remotely with family, friends and coworkers.Credit...ABC SAG-AFTRA, the television and film actors’ union, has worked with the Directors Guild, the Teamsters, other groups, and employers to establish safety protocols. The agreement, which could soon be extended, paved the way for many members to get back to work, with some pauses, as when SAG-AFTRA called for a “temporary hold on in-person production” in Southern California this winter when a surge threatened to overwhelm Los Angeles hospitals. (Unions have sometimes struggled to find a balance between keeping workers safe and helping them earn a living: some members of Actors’ Equity , which represents theater actors and stage managers, have complained that the union’s safety rules have made it too hard to find work.) David White, the national executive director and chief negotiator for SAG-AFTRA, said he believed they had found a safe way forward.